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Staking Feature

The staking feature in Poodle Haney allows users to contribute to the network's stability by holding Poodle Haney tokens for a specified period. Through staking, users can earn rewards.

Principles of Staking

  • Token Holding and Locking: Users hold and lock Poodle Haney tokens for a certain period.

  • Enhancing Network Security: Locked tokens are used to enhance the security of the network. Users receive rewards based on the amount of tokens held and the duration of staking.

  • Reward Calculation: Rewards are calculated based on the amount of tokens staked, the staking period, and the total amount of tokens staked.

Reward Distribution Plan

A total of 12,000,000,000 tokens will be distributed to stakers over a period of 2 years. Rewards vary depending on the amount of tokens staked and the staking period.

Reward Calculation Formula

User rewards are calculated according to the following formula

Reward = (Amount of Staked Tokens / Total Staked Tokens) * (Bonus Coefficient based on Staking Period) * (Total Reward Pool)

The bonus coefficient varies based on the selected lock time, with x1.5 for one month, x2 for two months, and x2.5 for three months.

Lock Time

Users can choose lock times of one month, two months, or three months. The bonus coefficients for each lock time are as follows:

  • 1 month: x1.5

  • 2 months: x2

  • 3 months: x2.5

The bonus coefficient applied depends on the user's chosen lock time.

Reward Collection Process

Users can harvest rewards anytime after 7 days from the start of staking. Rewards are calculated based on the amount of staked tokens, staking period, and total staked tokens.

Reward History and Tracking

Users can track their reward history through their wallet or platform. Reward history is publicly traceable, allowing users to verify the accuracy of their rewards.

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