🤑Transaction Fee

In every transaction involving Poodle Haney tokens, a small fee of 4% will be applied. This fee is divided into three components: 1% for liquidity, 2% for the revenue share system, and 1% for the team. Here's how each component works and benefits you and the project.

1. Liquidity (1%)

  • Liquidity Pool: 1% of each transaction is allocated to the liquidity pool, ensuring there is adequate liquidity for trading Poodle Haney tokens.

  • Market Stability: This mechanism helps maintain a stable market for Poodle Haney tokens, reducing volatility and improving trading conditions.

  • Community Impact: Contributing to the liquidity pool enhances the overall health of the token ecosystem, benefiting all participants.

2. Revenue Share System (2%)

The Poodle Haney project is committed to rewarding our loyal community members through our Revenue Share System. This system distributes 2% of each transaction fee to our VIP members in the presale and the top 50 token holders (including staking holders). Here's how the system works:

Distribution Method

  • VIP Members in Presale: 60% of the revenue share is allocated to VIP members who participated in the presale. This is our way of showing appreciation for their early support and confidence in the project.

  • Top 50 Holders: 40% of the revenue share is distributed among the top 50 Poodle Haney token holders, including staking holders. This incentivizes and rewards our most significant supporters.

Reward Frequency

  • Weekly Rewards: Rewards are distributed every week, providing a consistent and reliable source of income for VIP members and top holders.

Lock Time

  • 6-Month Lock Time: Rewards are subject to a lock time of 6 months. During this period, rewards cannot be withdrawn, promoting long-term commitment and stability within the community.

Benefits of the Revenue Share System

  • Incentivize Participation: The system encourages participation in the presale and holding Poodle Haney tokens, which helps sustain the project.

  • Strengthen Community: By rewarding VIP members and top holders, the system fosters a strong and engaged community of dedicated supporters.

  • Support Token Value: The lock time helps maintain token value by discouraging short-term selling and promoting a long-term vision for the project.

3. Team Allocation (1%)

  • Project Development: 1% of each transaction is allocated to the Poodle Haney team to support ongoing development, marketing, and operations.

  • Sustainability: This funding helps ensure the project can continue to grow and innovate, benefiting the entire community.

  • Accountability: The team is committed to using these funds responsibly to deliver the best possible experience for our community.

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